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Housing and Dining

De Paul institute of Science and Technology (DiST) renders convenient and unique hostel facilities for the students. The gents’ hostel finds its place in the main campus itself whereas the ladies’ hostel is just 3.5 kms away from the college. The transportation to the ladies’ hostel has been made easier with the provision of college buses. The hostels uphold an inevitable role in equipping the students for a bright and splendid future.

Each hostel accommodates nearly 150 students from different parts of India. The presence of students from states other than Kerala has lifted the phase of our education to a national realm. The rooms which are very spacious and the interior amenities disposed in tune with the needs of the students maintain the DiST hostels in demand and add to their exclusive nature. The management is very keen and particular with regard to the discipline of the hostels. There is well stipulated timetable for the students which provides them with ample opportunities for study, recreation, prayer etc.

The study time is strictly observed with the help of a specially appointed staff. The management has made it a point to retain a group of personnel to keep the hostel and its premises always clean and sterile. The hostel campus extends noteworthy openings for the students to augment their talents in any kind of plays like volleyball, basketball, football, cricket etc. The food served in the hostels is always coloured with a homely taste.

De Paul Gents Hostel

De Paul Ladies Hostel

Adress: De Paul Ladies Hostel
Karakattu Kunnu, Mekkad P.O.
Athani - 683589
Warden: Sr. Dennies

Transportation Facility

College buses is provided for students and staff which starts from cochin and Amballoor which covers all the pick up points of the city. Buses are scheduled as per the convenience of class timings for staff and students.
Bus route from cochin: Starts from Island at 7.30 am - Kundannoor, Vytila, Palarivattam, Edappally, Kalamassery, Aluva, Athani.
Bus route from Amballur: Starts from Amballur 7.30 am - Nellai, Kodakara, Perambra, Chalakudy, Koratty, Chirangara/Pongam, Karukutty, Angamaly

Events & attractions

College day is a time of union with the Alumni, where in the passing out students are honored and they get an occasion to share their worthy experiences at DiST. It offers an opportunity to the most talented students to showcase their innate abilities on the stage.

Sports and Games

Sports and academic learning complement each other. A good sportsman always learns to obey the rules of games and the commands of superiors. It teaches them leadership qualities and allows them to display team spirit. It is one of the healthiest means of refreshments. It keeps individuals healthy and relaxed, maintains the body and strengthens patience and endurance. De Paul Institute of Science & Technology has teams for football, basketball, volleyball, cricket and badminton. They participate in various competitions in and off campus and continue to be winners.

Fitness Center

“Health is the quality of life that enables the individual to live most and serve best” (J.F.Williams). A healthy student develops into a healthy adult. Health Club enables students to achieve health by making them aware of what health is, on what it depends, and how to apply this knowledge in everyday life. It is proved scientifically that healthy mind and body helps a person to perform optimum in whatever field they are. We a gymnasium inside the campus to ensure the physical fitness of students as it is a key to a healthy body and the basis of dynamism and creativity.

Student Exchange Programme

Student Exchange Programme (SEP) provides a unique opportunity for the students to mingle and learn with other students crossing the national and international boundaries. It enriches their academic experience and widens the career horizons. De Paul Institute of Science & Technology has signed MOU with both the De Paul University, Chicago and James Cook University, Australia and the collaboration encompasses the exchange of faculty and students, launch of activities like extension programmes, trainings, courses and exchange of publication and research reports. SEP provides an exposure to the global and multi-cultural environment of working which is well appreciated and much needed by transnational companies and Indian corporate houses alike.

Value Education

The values and attitudes we live by affect how we relate to other people and all our activities in the environment. It has a major influence on our prospects for achieving a sustainable future. Taking these into account, De Paul Institute of Science & Technology provides Value Education through a well-structured syllabus. It aims at producing socially responsible and morally obliged individuals. A series of three text books aids and assists the teachers by enriching their knowledge. The classes are taken during the second hour of Tuesdays, which provides an opportunity to consider the importance of human values in shaping the future.

Counseling Services

College is a very unique time in a person’s life. Some students are very young and away from home for the first time. Other students may be going back to school with the responsibility of a family to start a new career. Inevitably, some students will face life challenges such as stress, academic difficulties, relationship issues, etc., that if dealt with appropriately, can facilitate emotional growth & maturity. The De Paul Institute of Science and Technology provides counseling service to enhance the mental health capacity of the College students and the capacity of the community to foster emotionally mature, responsible, and self-reliant students. Our primary service is one-on-one counseling and psychotherapy with students. Counseling Services focuses on learning and the education of the whole person. We strive to assist students in identifying, understanding, and resolving problems in their lives. Typical reasons for seeking counseling include roommate difficulties, Loneliness, anxiety, low self-esteem, disordered, eating, abuse issues, procrastination, family problems, interpersonal conflicts, difficulty in intimate relationships, questions about sexuality or sexual orientation depression, cultural or ethnic concerns, achievement conflicts, concerns about use of alcohol or drugs etc.

The college years are a time of accelerated growth, significant challenges and considerable stress. The Counseling Service is here to help you with the variety of concerns that arise during these intense years. Counselling offers an opportunity to talk confidentially to someone impartial, so you are free to explore your true feelings and be supported without judgment. Because everyone is different, a counsellor does not simply dish out advice – the discussions in counselling is aimed at helping you understand what is going on for you and what would help you best.

Most students are seen for short term therapy and in some cases may also be assisted with referrals for more intensive therapy when appropriate. Counseling Service is committed to assisting those who are concerned about others. We frequently meet with students, faculty, and others worried about students, friends, roommates, or family. The aim is to help understand what the problems might be and how the concerned individual can intervene most effectively.

About Us

De Paul Institute of Science and Technology (DiST), Angamaly, is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified professional college run by De Paul Education Trust and owned by Marymatha Province of Vincentian Congregation. Education is one of the most important areas of its activities. The Vincentians hold aloft the sublime values of justice, peace and love and aims at creating a new generation with a difference. The students must prove not only their academic excellence but also show a deep commitment to the society they live in. The college is situated in an eco-friendly and academic-friendly atmosphere amidst a fast developing industrial and business town and sylvan surroundings. Info park Kochi, Cochin International Airport and Smart City are all a stone's throw away.

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