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About School of Professional Development

Students must grow beyond the course book to excel high in their careers, Add on courses are the best tools to develop students on this path. Attune to the changes in the academics and professional profile, DiST management has taken a brave step to foster students through the add on course programmes like Communication and Soft Skill Development (CSD) and English Training (ET) under the title De-Paul School of Professional Development. This programme aims at exploring new horizons of opportunities in the scholastics and professional profile. DiST started this initiative in 2014-15 and year after year De Paul School of Professional Development has helped the students in advancing to their next levels in terms of Soft skills and English Communication.

This programme is instrumental in enabling students to speak and communicate in English flawlessly and in dealing with the difficult situations through soft skills. Mock interviews are being conducted followed by an evaluation so that students could mould their behavior and attitude conducive to the next interview. Apart from excellent training, the students also receive a best personal support throughout the year of their training. After their first day in the campus, they are made to complete an assessment test so that the level of their English can be evaluated.

The De Paul School of Professional Development has consistently stood up in bringing new initiatives to provide a plethora of opportunities to the students. One of the additional programmes DFS conducts is Personal Interaction (P.I) where the trainers meet students one by one to evaluate their command over English language. Through this initiative the trainers find out the students who need more consideration and give them special attention to improve in their communication skills. DFS provides a platform for the students to showcase their skills and talents through WASSUP ENGLISH (a YouTube channel to create informative English videos). EACH ONE TEACH ONE is an outreach programme of DFS where the students of DiST are taken to other schools to teach junior students. Another initiative we have is TALK WITH A FOREIGNER. This initiative helps students to meet and interact with foreigners.

DFS with all its inventiveness proved that the programme is really upgrading students to the next level. DFS invariably stands as a symbol of pride at DiST.

Skill Development Programmes

When it comes to the Skill Development Programmes, DFS concentrates on Soft Skills Development. Soft Skills are a catchall term referring to various behaviors that help students work and socialize well with others. In short, they are the good manners and personality traits to get along with others and to build positive relationships unlike hard skills which include a person’s technical skills set and the ability to perform certain functional tasks, Soft Skills are broadly applicable across job titles and industries. It’s often said that the Hard Skills will get you an interview, but you need Soft Skills to acquire and retain the job.

In our course programme we give as much importance to Soft Skills as that of English Training. Under Soft Skills we teach students – Communication skills, Team work, Presentation skills, Job Interview skills, Leadership skills etc.

Club Programmes

Club activities can equip students with the skills needed to succeed in their future, such as leadership skills, the ability to work as a team, prioritizing tasks, and time management skills.

Wassup English

De Paul School of Professional Development started its first initiative named as "WASSUP ENGLISH". A good education system should always have some elements of creativity which makes the lessons more interesting and interactive. "WASSUP ENGLISH" is an initiative to create informative English videos. It is a complete platform were students in the assistance of the trainers first prepare a storyboard, draft the script, edit, rewrite and create the video.

This helps students to learn new words, improve their presentation skills and showcase their hidden talents. This is the best platform were they learn to work as a team.

Our first and second WASSUP ENGLISH videos are already uploaded. We are working on more videos. You can check out the videos on the link given below……..

A platform to create informative English videos by De Paul School of Professional Development of DiST

A platform to create informative English videos by De Paul School of Professional Development of DiST

Speakers' Competition

Our second initiative is SPEAKERS' COMPETITION. The goal of this competition is to help our students improve their speaking ability. We help students to present a well-organized, coherent talk with a logical flow in their arguments. Clarity of presentation is paramount.

Effective speaking skills can help with career advancement, as they indicate creativity, critical thinking skills, leadership abilities, poise, and professionalism, qualities which are very valuable for the job market. We conduct this competition in every batch.

Outreach programme

Whatever your discipline, there will undoubtedly a moment where you grow confident in your abilities and want to spread your wings. In regards to this De Paul School of Professional Development has come up with a great initiative “EACH ONE TEACH ONE”. Through this initiative students of DiST get the opportunity to visit different schools to interact and teach the junior students. It’s also an initiative which offers innovative and dynamic training to students on a variety of subjects aimed at improving interpersonal and other key transferable skills which will complement their academic qualifications and improve self-confidence.

Postgraduate students are excellent role models for school students, as their passion and energy is vital in engaging younger students and spreading enthusiasm and excitement about learning. So, we started this initiative with postgraduate students by designating them as “STUDENT TRAINER”.

Student trainers who participated in this initiative have remarked that it is a challenge to teach what they have learnt to a primary school student. However, they found training exercises extremely useful for brushing up their skills. They also stated that school students gained greater confidence in their abilities, improved their communication skills, team working and practical skills.

First session of EACH ONE TEACH ONE was conducted at Adam Public School, Karayamparambu. Looking forward for more sessions with huge enthusiasm.


DePaul School of Professional Development organized a talk on 'Future Professionalism' for MCA & MBA students on 3rd Oct 2018, 3 pm at DiST Seminar Hall. Session was taken by Mr. Edison Franz, international Corporate Trainer. The seminar mainly focused on the development of professionalism and improvement of inter-personal skills of the professional students. The session was really remarkable and informative, which enlightened the students with an idea of professional approaches towards life.

The one and half hour programme conveyed to the students that, it is necessary for all those who opt for a successful professional life, to have a better and effective communication skill. The session made clear that excellent command over English language, is very much important for those who aspire to be successful in professional life.


All our classes mainly focus on the holistic development of the students by training them. The sessions make sure that the students are able to stand strong in a conversation, while dealing with conversation roadblocks in the most efficient manner. Their oratory skills are worked on and also help them to overcome their fear of speaking in public while balancing their confidence and ability to form well comprehended statements. Our interactive teaching module takes a greater turn in terms of communication. The conversation skills of the students are brushed up, to the point that they can effectively convey more than just factual information.

Another methodology that we use to train the student is personal interaction (P I). Personal interaction with students has a very crucial role for effective teaching and learning to take place. Teachers who have positive interaction with their students create classroom environments more supportive to learning and meet students' developmental, emotional and educational needs. We have conducted one to one interaction section were one of the faculties interacts with a student. This interaction can be defined by shared acceptance, understanding, affection, intimacy, trust, respect, care and cooperation. This has helped a lot in bringing out their communication skills and working on it for improvement.

The events and activities that are being organized by the club and department such as ‘Wassup English’, Each One Teach One and other events etc. also has the same motive of training them into a better students in communication and soft skills.


Mentoring is a relationship between two people with the goal of professional and personal development. With the motive of guiding the students to excel in the life and supporting them to deal with their personal and academic issues, our faculties meet students twice in a semester and make sure that the students are being mentored in a way that they come up with flying colours in their life. One of our faculties has finished his course in counselling so it’s an added advantage for the department for conducting the mentoring in a fruitful manner.

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De Paul Institute of Science and Technology (DiST), Angamaly, is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified professional college run by De Paul Education Trust and owned by Marymatha Province of Vincentian Congregation. Education is one of the most important areas of its activities. The Vincentians hold aloft the sublime values of justice, peace and love and aims at creating a new generation with a difference. The students must prove not only their academic excellence but also show a deep commitment to the society they live in. De Paul Institute of Science and Technology (DiST) provides a comprehensive range of academics like Media Courses, Courses in Computer science, Management course and is one among the leading MBA colleges in Kerala. The college is situated in an eco-friendly and academic-friendly atmosphere amidst a fast developing industrial and business town and sylvan surroundings. Info park Kochi, Cochin International Airport and Smart City are all a stone's throw away.

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