School of
Computer Science - UG

About School of Computer Science - UG

The School of Computer Science (UG) is preparing its students and team for the future to attain gradual success by adopting various innovative strategies with positive spiraling effects. The department fulfills its dream of inculcating group dynamics, human skills, and employable skills in the students by conducting various curricular and extra-curricular activities. It also ensures student's social responsibility by doing community services through NSS, outreach activities, etc.

It enhances employability skills by conducting short term courses to bridge the gap between the syllabus and industry requirements. It encourages student mentoring sessions and remedial sessions to decrease the dropout ratio. The department provides students with an idea of the recent happenings beyond their syllabus. It enables the application of theoretical knowledge by giving projects to students.

It conducts subject-oriented seminars, soft-skills based seminars, workshops, and other activities for the students to develop their communication skills. Besides the above, we conduct many seminars, workshops, and activities to make the most of the student’s potential.


The mission of the school is to persistently strive to achieve excellence in computing disciplines. It is being pursued through its spectrum of academic programs in computing of contemporary standards.


To produce computing graduates with potential to design and develop systems involving the integration of software and hardware devices; innovative approaches to programming and problem solving as well as creative ways to use computers; large scale software systems; and computing infrastructure of an organization.

Quality Policy

We strive to build a younger generation of professionals with intellectual, social, ethical, and spiritual excellence and instill in them the impulse to transform into versatile and socially committed IT experts and entrepreneurs.

Programmes Offered