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St. Vincent De Paul (1581-1660)was the Sixteenth-century French saint who pioneered the development of massive charitable organizations. He became the inspiring presence of his times which was marred by constant wars and discrimination against the poor. He promoted the Catholic essence of charity among all sections of people and organized charitable activities in the most efficient manner in order to reach the most neglected sections of the society. Thus, he awakened the conscience of humanity and left indelible marks of human values on the history of the 17th century. It is he who, for the first time, encouraged women to actively participate in the process of social action. Pope John Paul II called him “a man of action and prayer; a man of persuasion and imagination; a man of leadership and humble service; a man of yesterday and today”. The institute derives its title and inspiration from St. Vincent de Paul, the patron saint of the Vincentian Congregation, a Christian religious community which the manages the institute. Inspired by the example of St. Vincent de Paul, the members of the Congregation undertake various educational/charitable/spiritual activities for the upliftment of the society and especially that of the marginalized sections. Vincentian Congregation is the parent organization which runs De Paul Education Trust and manages DiST and its sister concerns such as De Paul English Medium School, De Paul Computer Academy, etc.

DiST is managed by De Paul Educational Trust which is the educational arm of VINCENTIAN CONGREGATION, a Catholic religious community. It is in sync with this great inheritance that DiST has envisioned itself and shaped the course of its activities. Our vision is to build up a centre par excellence equipped to mould outstanding young professionals in relevant fields integrating the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of their lives through focused training and person specific career counselling so that they may observe unflinching allegiance to the society.