Online Fee Payment Method

1. South Indian Bank

  1. Login to DiST Portal (https://dicoman.depaul.edu.in), using the Username & Password
  2. Select The "Fee Payments” option
  3. Select the “South Indian Bank” Payment Gateway
  4. Fee Details
  5. You will get the pending fee details, and the previous transactions, done through this payment system.
    If your previous transaction is pending, then you can Retry the transaction or you can proceed with Make Payment

  6. Payment Confirmation.
  7. You will again get the details of Fees to confirm again, when you confirm it will be redirected to "World Line” (the third party, supported by "South Indian Bank”) Payment Gateway

  8. Net Banking / Card / UPI
  9. Now proceed with your selected option procedures.
    Upon completion of the payment you will directed to the fee payment page. Don’t close or Refresh the web page till you reach the success or failure page.

2. Federal Bank

  1. Sign In. (https://epay.federalbank.co.in)
  2. There are two options to sign in - 1. Mobile Number & OTP, 2. Username & Password (If you are a new user, register your details by clicking on “New user” link.) This will take you to a new window with options “List Payee”, “Add Payee”, “Payments” and “Contact us”.

  3. Add you as “Payee”. (If you are not a payee in the list)
  4. Click on “Add Payee” to add you as a Fee Payee, This will lead to a new window to fill up your Category, Payee and Consumer Number
    Select - College - from “Category” options. Select your desired options from “Payee” (De Paul Institute of Science & Technology )
    Entering Category & Payee details will generate a new tab named “Agent Code”, enter Student’s Admission Number in the textbox and click “Continue” to proceed.

  5. Payee Details.
  6. A new page will appear with Payee Details, along with “Confirm” and “Cancel” tabs. Click “Confirm” tab to proceed.

  7. Entering to Payee’s List.
  8. Current page consists of your Names, Payee Details, and Consumer Number Details (Student Admission Number).
    Click “Proceed” option for “Pay Bills”.

  9. View Bills.
  10. New page shows the “Pay Bills” details. Select the fee you want to pay. A tick mark will appear on the box you have selected. Click “Pay Bills” tab to continue

  11. Payment Confirmation.
  12. This Page is for Payment Confirmation, if the given details are correct kindly click “Proceed to Pay “.

  13. Net Banking / Card / UPI
  14. Now proceed with your selected option procedures.