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‘Teach me I’ll forget, show me, I might remember; involve me I’ll never forget.’ School of Management leaves no stone unturned and welcomes every opportunity to widen the horizons of knowledge of its students and faculty alike. The management association of school of management titled AGORA operates through its three active clubs: Finzone-the finance club; Marketrics- the marketing club and Synergy-the HR club.

Finzone-the Finance Club

"Changing Lives & Future"

The Finance Club is open to all students who are passionate about the world of finance. The aim of this club is to provide a platform where financial knowledge can be learned and shared among its members. The club helps them learn the nuances of financial planning, tax planning, the functioning of the stock exchange and other aspects of finance in order to prepare them for a career in finance and business.

The Finance Club titled Finzone has all the students who take finance specialization as it members. The club initiated several programs under its umbrella. The major activities are budget analysis competition, stock trading, SEBI and RBI visits etc. In addition to these activities, interaction with various leaders and mangers in financial sector is also arranged by the club. The club members also participate in finance games conducted by various colleges and has brought accolades to the department and institution.

Finance club takes great pride in hosting a budget analysis competition for the MBA students which gives an opportunity to make an in depth and critical evaluation of the union budget and its repercussion on the various facts of economy.


To mould and foster highly effective finance professionals with a global perspective and for varied verticals.


a. To make students aware of the latest trends in Finance,
b. To provide a platform to the students to learn Finance through experience,
c. To provide opportunity for the students to network with the Finance executive fraternity.


Marketrics-the Marketing Club

"Attract, Engage, Convert"

The hub for marketing at DiST serves as a center for creativity, excellence for all those with an unwavering passion and love for marketing. The club aims at interesting the students to hone their marketing knowledge and skills. The Club keeps the essence of marketing upbeat across the campus by engaging all students in competitions and activities along with roping in various project and networking opportunities.


Marketrics aims to mould and foster highly effective marketing professionals with a global perspective and for varied verticals.


Marketrics brings together marketing enthusiasts to share and grow our knowledge across all areas of marketing.


The marketing club of School of Management,DiST which as known as MASS was rebranded as Marketrics on 24-07-2015 with a new logo. The new logo and brand name was unveiled by the Principal Rev. Dr. James Chelapurath V.C. The chief guest Mr. James Joseph, shared his experience with the students with regard to marketing of a novel idea and theme drawing from his experience in creating a online demand for jackfruits round the year.On 19-08-2015 the club organized a marketing quiz for the students of DiST to promote the brand- Marketrics. During Sept-Oct 2015, the club developed and implemented strategies to increase the visibility of Daksh, the National level management fest of De Paul School of Management. It could be said that their strategies in social media was a success because Daksh 2015 had largest student participation compared to its previous versions. On 09-11-15 the club organized a session on "Personal Branding using Social Media" to make the students project their career prospects through Linkdin.On 25-07-2018 Marketrics activities for the academic year 2018-19 kick started with a sessions on greener pastures in marketing by Mr. Fazalu Rahman, Acer-India. On 04-12-18 organized a visit to Adithya Brila Retail’s All Kerala Distribution center at Thuravur to get an insight about their supply chain and logistics.

Pragmatic approach in learning assumes greater importance with changing business environment. That is exactly what ARTIS does to the students of MBA in DiST. Building on the 4P's of marketing and simulation of a market space within the campus exposes them with a differential learning experience. ARTIS 2019 happened on 31st January which helped the student community to explore newer horizons in creative thinking.

Stimulating the creative impulses of the young management professionals - that is what Eureka does. The budding management trainees came up with their out of box creativity during Eureka 2020. The event organized by MARKETRICS - the marketing club of school of management happened on 7th January, 2020.

In 2021 Marketrics club hit the bulls eye with its webinar series ‘Success stories from Industry:Vol:1’ Dr. Zubin Varghese, Senior Director of Trane Technologies was the speaker.

Synergy (HR Club)

"Ambitions Realizing"

The purpose of SYNERGY – the HR club is to bring together students interested in the field of Human Resources Management, help them develop interpersonal skills needed in the corporate and encourage them to meet professionals who work in the field of Human Resources Management. This club is designed to help students learn more about Human Resource and what Human Resource Professionals do. The vision of this club is to mould and foster highly competent future Human Resource professionals in pursuit of excellence.


To mould and foster highly competent future Human Resource professionals in pursuit of excellence.


a. To make students aware about the current trends in HR.
b. To provide a platform to the students for exercising practical aspects of human resource concepts.
c. To bring out innovation and creativity among the students of HR.
d. To develop a connection between the students and experts in HR fraternity.


On 22nd September 2022, the student members of the club participated in a webinar on “Latest Judgements on Labour Law” organized by NIPM Kerala Chapter.

On 26th September 2022, the DiST NIPM (National Institute for Personnel Management) student chapter was inaugurated. Also the launch of virtual HR Job Fair ‘NOVICE 22’ was done on the same day. The name, log & tagline designed by Ms. Revathy Jayan of MA HRM 21’ were selected as the official name, log & tagline of the club. The student was rewarded for the same.