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Clubs and Associations

Clubs and Associations

Students' Association – LITEVISTA –is a wonderful platform to channelize the creative output. 'Wizart' and 'Avas' were its earlier names when the department was a part of the School of Media and Communication

LITE VISTA -Association of English Students

"Be Learned, Be Precious"


To be an influential association that facilitates and encourages the literary talents of the members and to nurture confidence in performing and organising.
To develop and nurture confident and expressive English language speakers who can express their ideas and thoughts confidently in the public with fluency.


To develop interest and love for English language& literature through an array of activities and conducting various competitions to help the holistic development of the students.


1. Encourage students to be active in using English in daily life.
2. Support the students in various activities related to the club.
3. Provide the environment for empowering English language skills.
4. Developing fun English learning programmes.
5. Practicing language and writing skills for effective communication.
6. Make the students feel confident and comfortable using English language.
7. Provide the students a platform to showcase the literary and cultural activities of the students.


1. The students and the faculty members of the department are the members of the association by default.
2. The executive members will be elected and students from each batch will have representation and is mandatory.
3. The executive of the club should have women representation from each class.
4.Faculty of the department are members of the club and elected faculty member will be in charge of the club.
5. The activities of the club will be supervised by the faculty in charge, Head of the department and monitored by the academic and administrative heads of the institution.
6. The activities of the club should be secular and should not hamper the virtue of the institution and should not alarm the honour and morale of the individuals.
7. The students will be the benefactors of the club.
8. The association should organize continuous programmes after official formation and inauguration every year.
9. The association should aim at organizing programmes and events adhering to the vision and objectives of the department.

Office Bearers

Designation Name
Faculty in Charge Asst. Prof. B. Noble
President Mr. Libin Joseph
Secretary Ms. Abiya Shaju
Treasurer Mr. Sherin Shaji
Executive Members Ms. Jenice Sibichen
Ms. N.S. Sariga
Mr. Don Chennakadan
Ms. Veena. J


The English Association, Lite Vista has marked itself as an open platform for staging student’s aesthetic expertise and flair dexterity. The association inauguration of the year 2019 took place on 4th September. Mr. Santhosh George Kulangara, the founder and chief explorer of Safari TV was the chief guest of the function. He shared his experience as a traveller and explorer. A gala of music dance and stage performances followed the inauguration. It was a Cultural feast and the students synchronized art with creative freshness. Fusion and harmony mattered which displaced all sorts of discords and they called it as Litevista.

The association offers a competing space aiming at the holistic development of the students. It promises to cultivate a passion for quizzing, debating, creative writing, literature, elocution and more among the students.

The association benefits the students in the disciplines of writing and speaking by conducting events that are both instructional and entertaining. The association aims to build confidence to be at ease not only professionally but also socially and the activities of the association are also to develop self-efficacy and confidence and would help to enhance social skills and general knowledge.

The students of English department participate actively in various clubs of the college like Literary club, Debate club, Quiz club, Dance club, Music Club, Women's club, Drama club, Nature club etc.

Onam Celebration

School of English conducted an online Onam celebration at 12:30 pm on 27th August 2020. The online celebration included video presentations and Onam songs by various students of ECJ 18 and ECJ 19 batch. Malayali Manka and Mannan competitions were also organized online. Akshay Jomon of ECJ 19 and Soorya PD of ECJ 18 were the winners of Malayali Manka and Malayali Manan competition.

Online Poster Making Competition

School of English conducted an online Poster Making Competition for school students as part of the ‘Green Year’ initiative for the year 2020-2021. Students from various parts of the country participated. Winners of the competition were declared through College website. Aiswariya PM, Msc. Mathematics, of Little Flower College, Guruvayur, Kerala and E. Aruna, B.Com, Annai Veilankanni’s College for Women, Kerala were the first and second prize winners respectively. Winners were awarded cash prize and e-certificates.

Online Short Story Writing Competition

School of English conducted an online Short Story Writing Competition as part of the ‘Green Year’ initiative for the year 2020-2021. The theme of the competition was ‘Nuclear Accidents and Nuclear Holocaust’. Students from different departments of the college participated.