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Students’ Association of De Paul School of Social Work

"Arena of Love and Service"

The Students’ Association of De Paul School of Social Work was started in the year 2004. Since its inception, it is a platform to enhance the students’ potentialities and capabilities to explore their innate and hidden talents to become self-reliant. This is developed through giving opportunities and shouldering the responsibilities through organising various national and international conferences, seminars, symposiums, and observation of important days like mental health day, world AIDS day, woman’s’ day etc. This association focuses mainly on skill development through various programmes and events in and out of the campus like street plays, workshops, debates, conduct of meetings and development of intellectual ability. These events help them to grow their skills like organising, coordinating, participatory leadership, team work, communication etc.


Well planned, developed and supported social work force engages students to strengthen and build community well- being and resilence.


Provide professional social work service to the communities and assure skill development of students.


1. To enhance students’ learning and skill development.
2. To organize & participate national and international conferences and special days observations.
3. To motivate students to conduct weekly meetings and bring out innovative programmes according the period.
4. To strengthen the confidence level and leadership skills of the students.


SADESS is a social work students’ association led by the students themselves with a faculty mentor to bring out students capacity building through planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating various social work events and programmes. The following procedures have been established for the smooth functioning of the students’ association:

○ All the students must be enrolled without fail in the association.
○ Weekly meeting must be hold on a fixed day and time every week.
○ The students’ association executive committee and the staff mentor have to chalk out plans ahead in consultation with all the members of the association and get it approved by the Head of the Department of Social Work.
○ The meeting minutes have to be maintained properly including the budget of the association.

Office Bearers

Designation Name
Staff In Charge Asst. Prof. JOJO JOSE
President DENIL GEORGE (MSW21)
Vice President LINET MARIYA JOY (BSW20)
Secretary ARDRA JAMES (MSW21)
Joint Secretary AKSHAY P.S (BSW21)
Treasurer AJAY PAUL (MSW21)
Executive Member ANN MARIYA JOSEPH (MSW21)
Executive Member SAIJU JOSE (MSW22)
Executive Member SR. ANNMARIA (MSW22)
Executive Member SWEETY VARGHESE (MSW22)
Executive Member ALBENES J PANATTU (BSW20)
Executive Member DHRISHYA (BSW21)
Executive Member DHARSHAN (BSW21)
Executive Member ALDRINA BABY (BSW22)
Executive Member ELGAANA SEBY (BSW22)
Executive Member ROBIN JOSE (BSW22)

Following are the events held in the current academic year

Women's Day – on March 8th 2022, to raise the awareness among the local community students’ of De Paul School of Social Work organized man different women empowerment programmes in nearly 12 panchayats namely, Kalady panchayat, Parakadavu panchayat, Karukutty panchayat etc.

National Youth Day – National Youth Day was organized by students Association of De Paul School of Social Work on 12 January 2022. It was a great success The purpose of the Day is to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding by youth

Social Work Day – The School of Social work of De Paul Institute of Science and Technology (DiST) conducted International social work Day on 14 March 2022. The department conducted the Programme for differently abled children in Alphonsa Sadan Kidangoor.

Jingle Bells – A Christmas celebration which was organised by De Paul School of Social Work for the especially abled children in DiST to bring out the hidden talents and provide platform for a better tomorrow. The last Jingle Bells ’21 event was held on 17th December 2021.

World AIDS Day – The School of Social Work of De Paul Institute of Science & Technology (DiST) conducted World AIDS Day on 1st December 2021 at DiST Seminar Hall. As part of this programme a session was held by the Resourse Person Sr Arpitha CSN, Counsellor of St Jude Family, Angamaly.