Library - Information and Knowledge Centre

About the Library

DiST has got an excellent, fully computerized library that offers a varied dimension to the learning resources. The library has a wide and varied collection of books and journals, including international journals. The library now subscribes to about 70 national and international periodicals. The library also has terminals for online reference of journals and Internet access. The library's role is to support learning and research by providing focused collections, and assistance in the use of information resources, information services, and a pleasant, functional environment in which to work and study. The library's aim is to provide students with a friendly, relevant, and expert service and to equip them with the information literacy skills to engage in a lifetime of learning. The library staff is available to help you discover the wide range of printed and electronic resources. They assist you in the identification and collection of resources. A number of computer terminals are available in the library. These can be used for research and study purposes, with all terminals providing word processing facilities. Printing and photocopying are also available at competitive prices.

Organisation of the Library

The library has three main sections: the circulation section, the reference section, and the reading room. All the materials in the library are scientifically classified and arranged into various sections as per the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) method.

Faculty and students have the facility of open access to all the collections available in the library. The entire functions of the library are managed with the help of "DiCoMan - Digital College Management System". The whole library is under the surveillance of C.C. TV Cameras.

The library has a collection of 18,674 books under different titles. A good majority of the books in the library are in English. There are also books in Malayalam, and Hindi. The main areas of interest of this library are management, computer science, sociology, social work, psychology, and tourism, mathematics, economics, law, literature, media, and statistics.

The library has a rich collection of about 600 books in the reference section on different branches of knowledge. 140 members can use the reading room facility at any time. Facilities are also provided in the stack room for reference. The Career Centre, which is one of the main attractions of the library, has a special collection set up for users who are preparing for competitive examinations like TOFEL, GRE, NET, SLET, GATE, Bank P.O, and Civil Service examinations. Four systems are dedicated to Internet service in the library.

The library has a dedicated page on the college website which gives all the information about the library. Other facilities include links to Digital Library, Delnet, Proquest, NDLI, Dspace, Online Search, Book Recommendation & Reservation. The library users can search the library database through the library homepage and reserve the books of their choice. New arrivals are displayed on a special rack for two weeks. Faculty are alerted about the new arrivals through whatsapp messages through the respective HODs. A list of newly arrived books is also given on the library homepage of the college website. Two systems are in use in the library for searching in the OPAC, and it can also be accessed through the library homepage and students’ portal.


  1. Books
  2. A) Printed
    B) E-Books

  3. Periodicals
  4. A) Journals (International & National)
    B) Magazines
    C) Newsletters

  5. Databases
  6. A) Subscribed
    B) Open access

  7. Newspapers
  8. Project Reports
  9. Theses/Dissertations
  10. Back Volumes of Periodicals
  11. Previous University Question Papers
  12. Drilbit

Library Timing

The library is functioning on all days except Second Saturdays, Sundays and listed Holidays.

Days of Work Timing
MONDAY - FRIDAY 9 am - 5 pm
SATURDAY (except 2nd) 9am - 4 pm

Loan Criteria

Borrowers No. of Books Loan Period Overdue Fine
Faculty 10 1 Month ₹ 1 Per Day
Staff 2 1 Month ₹ 1 Per Day
PG Students 3 14 Days ₹ 1 Per Day
UG Students 2 7 Days ₹ 1 Per Day


  1. Book Lending Service/Circulation
  2. Library provides open access for all books to its Students, Faculty and Staff.

  3. Book Reservation
  4. The facility may be available by reporting to the circulation desk. One can reserve a book, if the same book is not available on the shelf. It can be done through an intranet too.

  5. Reference Service
  6. A reference service will be provided in person from the library to help users fulfil their information needs.

  7. User Guidance Service
  8. The Library organises a Library Orientation Programme for new entrants at the beginning of the academic year. The aim of this programme is to make the new members familiar with the library's resources, services, and rules so that they can avail library services to a great extent.

  9. Databases Training Support
  10. The Library also offers different database training programmes and workshops from time to time with the objective of facilitating independent, self-reliant learning and the achievement of competency in utilising the database.

  11. Reprographic Service
  12. The Library provides a photocopy service to its users at a rate of ₹ 1/-per page through its reprographic centre.

  13. Document Delivery Service
  14. The library arranges to get photocopies of documents like articles from journals, conference proceedings, and reports etc. that are not available in the library collection. This service is provided to all library users for academic and research purposes only(Through DELNET).

  15. Inter-Library Loans
  16. Our library, being an institutional member of the Developing Library Network (DELNET), is entitled to all its benefits and privileges. DELNET offers Inter Library Loan Service for the documents that are not available in our library collection. This service is provided to the entire user community to meet their academic and research needs.

  17. OPAC Search
  18. Through OPAC the users can search for any books required in the library software using Title, Author, Publication, or any other key words and know its status as available or non-available in the library.

  19. Plagiarism Checking Services
  20. The library has a subscription to Drilbit through which faculty and students can check their articles or dissertations for any similarity to any of the other articles already published and can refine their articles to be published in reputed journals.

  21. Bibliographic Services
  22. The list of books used as references for an article, a project, or thesis is given to the users if required by the library.

  23. Referral Service
  24. The library staff directs the user to the source of information if the information is not available in the library. The library staff help to find the right information.

  25. New Arrival Awareness Service
  26. The newly arrived books are displayed in a separate section in front of the library and also in a separate section in the stack area. A New Arrivals List is also sent to the concerned department monthly.