Sports and Games

About the Sports and Games

Sports and academic learning complement each other. A good sportsman always learns to obey the rules of games and the commands of superiors. It teaches them leadership qualities and allows them to display team spirit. It is one of the healthiest means of refreshment. It keeps individuals healthy and relaxed, maintains the body, and strengthens patience and endurance. De Paul Institute of Science & Technology has teams for football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, and badminton. They participate in various competitions on and off-campus and continue to be winners.


DiST has a strong and prestigious volleyball team that always marks its name in the university and intercollegiate tournaments. DiST volleyball team pawed a way too many players to reach up to district, State levels, and Prime Volley teams. DiST volleyball team is proud that there are players from the DiST team selected to play in different government sector teams like police, defence etc…

‘DiST Cup’ The Basketball Tournament

De Paul Institute of Science & Technology has a solid basketball team too. As a result, DiST organises all Kerala intercollegiate basketball tournaments called ‘DiST Cup’ from 2018, where well-known college teams from different parts of Kerala prove their skills and strengths, DiST basketball team always appears among the top rankers.

Sports Meet

DiST college union organises the college sports day every year. Items in the university athletic meet are also included in the athletic event apart from the games. All the departments of DiST actively participate in the events with a competitive and sportsman spirit, which energise the students to participate and excel in the non-academic activities with self-motivation.