Housing and Dining

About the Housing and Dining

De Paul institute of Science and Technology (DiST) renders convenient and unique hostel facilities for the students. The gents’ hostel finds its place in the main campus itself whereas the ladies’ hostel is just 3.5 kms away from the college. The transportation to the ladies’ hostel has been made easier with the provision of college buses. The hostels uphold an inevitable role in equipping the students for a bright and splendid future.

Each hostel accommodates nearly 150 students from different parts of India. The presence of students from states other than Kerala has lifted the phase of our education to a national realm. The rooms which are very spacious and the interior amenities disposed in tune with the needs of the students maintain the DiST hostels in demand and add to their exclusive nature. The management is very keen and particular with regard to the discipline of the hostels. There is well stipulated timetable for the students which provides them with ample opportunities for study, recreation, prayer etc.

The study time is strictly observed with the help of a specially appointed staff. The management has made it a point to retain a group of personnel to keep the hostel and its premises always clean and sterile. The hostel campus extends noteworthy openings for the students to augment their talents in any kind of plays like volleyball, basketball, football, cricket etc. The food served in the hostels is always coloured with a homely taste.

De Paul Gents Hostel

De Paul Ladies Hostel

De Paul Ladies Hostel Address

De Paul Ladies Hostel
Karakattu Kunnu, Mekkad P.O.
Athani - 683589