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Clubs and Associations

"A Vision for Innovation"

The college has various clubs to enhance extra-curricular skills of our students. The students of Computer Science department actively participate in various clubs like Dance club, Music Club, Nature club etc. The department organizes an association programme ‘Innovision’ every year.


To develop students into individuals who have comprehensive growth, which encompasses physical, mental, spiritual, professional, technical, interpersonal cultural aspects.


Our mission is to provide various opportunities to students to bring forth their potentials and capabilities in technical, cultural and social fields.


1. To help students to enhance their team work competency.
2. To help students to seek and find their potentials in cocurricular and extracurricular realms.
3. To Help students to become a socially responsible person.
4. To Help students to be buoyant and resilient.


1. Organizing the association inauguration with the support of staff and other students.
2. Making the final year students to publish an E-journal containing latest trends in technology.
3. Conducting various programs, including competitive events, workshops, seminars etc. that identifies new ideas, brings out new talents in students and motivates student to think different and being innovative.

Office Bearers

Designation Name
Staff In Charge Asst. Prof. Denny P Francis
Male Coordinator William.George (IMCA19)
Female Coordinator Anjana.Sajeevan (MCA23)
Secretary Ken.Eapen (IMCA21)
Joint Secretary Jeeva.Varghese (MCA22)
Treasurer Lakshmi V.A (IMCA23)

Executive Members:-

Spartacus P P (MCA 22) Aneesha K Babu (MCA 22)
Sone Varghese (IMCA 19) Sneha Jose (IMCA 22)
Ajil Jiji (IMCA 20) Aleena Maria (IMCA 20)
Ken Eapen Binu (IMCA 21) Saneetta Sunil (IMCA 21)
Ashik.Prince (IMCA 22)


The functional Inauguration of Innovision 2k23 was conducted on 4th October. Mr. Vinod Rajan, Head Values Catalyst and Global Program Manager, Office of Values & Culture, UST was the chief guest of the day. The meeting started with a prayer song by Angitha. Mr.Deny P Francis, staff coordinator welcomed the gathering. Rev Fr. Johny Chacko Mangalath, Principal, DiST presided over the meeting. Mr. Vinod Rajan chief guest inaugurated the meeting and the day by lighting the lamp. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by William George, student coordinator. The formal session was followed by a class by Mr.Vinod Rajan for the MCA students. Afternoon there were cultural programs by the students. Mr.Vinod Rajan also addressed the staff of the college on the topic "Handling of new-gen students."