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Clubs and Associations

Clubs and Associations

College life goes beyond academics, and active participation in clubs enhances the journey. The Computer Science Department (UG) at our college values a well-rounded experience, with students engaging in clubs like Dance, Music, and Nature. Previously named 'Techno Riderz,' the annual association program is now 'AUGMENTA' from 2021, signifying possible evolution or focus shift. This change reflects the college's commitment to dynamic opportunities.

For Computer Science students, club involvement is more than leisure; it contributes to holistic education. 'AUGMENTA' and similar events provide platforms for talent display, knowledge sharing, and departmental identity building. Encouraging participation in these clubs and programs enhances the student experience, balancing technical proficiency and personal development.


"Inspiring Young Minds"

SCS (UG) association ‘AUGMENTA’ is established on 2011. Previously the name of association was ‘Techno Riderz’. Later on 2019 the name was changed to ‘AUGMENTA’. The association is meant for the holistic development of students. It provides a platform for members to uplift their talents to next different levels.


Our vision is to be student centric organization, where they will get a platform to develop their life skills and professional skills.


Empower the members to become socially committed IT professionals.


It is intended to help the students to recognize, utilize and enhance their strengths. Association provides a platform for its members to foster the positive relationships, and furnishes the support needed to build on their leadership strengths.


  • Help students to strengthen their interpersonal skills.
  • Help students to develop strong sense of self-esteem.
  • Helps students to become a social responsible citizen.
  • Help students to develop resilience.

Office Bearers

Designation Name
President ATHUL K R (BCA 20)
Vice President ROSE MARIYA SHIJO (BCA 21)
Secretary ASWIN RAJEEV (BCA 21)
Joint Secretary LIYA SEBASTIAN (BCA 22)
Treasurer ALBIN K PAUL (BCA 20)